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Every day, tourists from all over the world converge on Barcelona with several culinary goals (read clichés) in mind: eat paella, drink sangría and, of course, “do tapas“. What they don’t realize is that Barcelona isn’t really the tapas mecca that other places on the Iberian peninsula are. Don’t get us wrong, you can get excellent tapas here (see our Barcelona tapas route) but it’s mostly a practice imported from other parts of Spain, particularly from Andalucía, where tapas reign supreme (right after jamón).

That said, any guide to Spanish or Catalan food would be remiss to exclude one of the Iberia’s most famed exports: tapas (“tapes” in Catalan). While you are probably well-acquainted with the topic, you may not know that some tapas are regional, and that in Catalunya you’ll probably be faced with a menu in Catalan, making ordering a bit more challenging. Here are some basic tapas with the Catalan name first, then the Spanish name and definition to make your tapeo a bit easier to navigate.