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Cities and Towns

The various cultural movements that Catalunya has seen over hundreds of years has made this region rich in architecture and art, which can be admired on almost any street or an everyday plaza in most Catalan villages. Catalan towns are exceptionally proud of their historic and and artistic heritage, and they take exquisite care of each church, cathedral or symbolic monument or building.

In this section, we take you through Catalunya’s most charismatic cities and towns with a suggestions on the best places to stop along the way to enjoy the signature cuisine of each particular city in Catalunya. These recommendations combine art and cuisine to help you plan a visit to the must see places for those who really want to get to know Catalunya.

Barcelona, the birthplace and capital of the Modernism movement, has an amazing array of cultural and gastronomical offerings, which EatCatalunya will highlight by presenting a profile of the city’s most emblematic neighborhoods.

You’ll also get to know other important Catalan cities, such as Girona, Tarragona and Lleida, then take a turn towards the coast to visit beautiful towns like Sitges and Figueres. You’ll also get to know the Catalan Pyrenees, a place of splendid natural beauty seldom visited by non-Spanish tourists.

Gastronomically speaking, Catalunya is a region divded by rivers, mountains, plains and deserts. Depending on where you are, you’ll be able to enjoy a certain type of cuisine. In the inland areas, the excellent meats and picked-daily farm vegetables cannot be missed. In the Pyrenees, you’ll want to try some of the incomparable fresh water fish, such as trout, as well as game. Towards the south and the Mediterranean coast, take advantage of something familiar — paella — but made with D.O. Delte de l’Ebre rice.