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Side Dishes | EatCatalunya: All about Catalan Cuisine
Rafa’s in Roses: Authentic Seafood Hidden in the Costa Brava

People arrive at Rafa’s restaurant in Roses for different reasons. Some foodies can’t get in to El Bullí, just up the road, so they come here instead. Some gourmands come here because it’s …

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Stories and information about the region, its people and its particular culture.


Recipes of Catalan favorites plus where to buy the ingredients and tools to make these amazing dishes at home.

Culinary Travel

This section is your guide to discovering Catalunya and its marvelous cuisine in situ.

Dining Out

Where to eat Catalan cuisine, at home and abroad.


Catalan wines are gaining popularity. Get to know the regions, DOs and best wines here.

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Cultural Fundamentals: Pa amb tomàquet Cultural Fundamentals: Pa amb tomàquet

Editor’s Note: EatCatalunya is pleased to welcome Andrew Hwang to the EatCatalunya family. Andrew is a Canadian foodie with a passion for Catalan cuisine and a new contributor to the site. We are thrilled to …

Recipe of the Day: Esqueixada Recipe of the Day: Esqueixada

Perhaps one of the better known Catalan dishes — thanks to its appearance on fusion menus in the U.S. and word-of-mouth, esqueixada is an incredibly simple to prepare dish with very a very interesting flavor/texture …

Recipe of the Day: Empedrat Recipe of the Day: Empedrat

Empedrat is a salad made with cod and white beans. In its original form, the dish isn’t all that great looking, so feel free to throw in some extra touches to make it more attractive …

Fabes a la catalana (Catalan Fava Beans) Fabes a la catalana (Catalan Fava Beans)

Use only the freshest, smallest beans for this dish.
* 6 cups shelled fava beands
* 1/4 cup olive oil
* 10 oz pork sparereribs, cut in pieces
* 6 slices panceta or unsmoked bacon
* 1/2 Botifarra negra or …

Espinacs amb passes i pinyons (Spinach with raisins and pinenuts) Espinacs amb passes i pinyons (Spinach with raisins and pinenuts)

It sounds like a lot of spinach, but remember that it shrinks to less than half its weight when cooked. A vegetarian delight!
* 7 lbs fresh spinach
* 5 oz raisins
* 5 Tbs olive oil
* 7 …

Escalivada (Roasted Vegetables) Escalivada (Roasted Vegetables)

Generally eaten as a side-dish for meat and fish, Escalivada is easy to make and makes for a healthy lunch when topped with a bit of good tuna (we like the Bonito del Norte variety).
* …

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