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Tapas | EatCatalunya: All about Catalan Cuisine
Rafa’s in Roses: Authentic Seafood Hidden in the Costa Brava

People arrive at Rafa’s restaurant in Roses for different reasons. Some foodies can’t get in to El Bullí, just up the road, so they come here instead. Some gourmands come here because it’s …

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Recipes of Catalan favorites plus where to buy the ingredients and tools to make these amazing dishes at home.

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This section is your guide to discovering Catalunya and its marvelous cuisine in situ.

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Where to eat Catalan cuisine, at home and abroad.


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Alt Heidelberg in Barcelona: German amb els ‘Germans’ Alt Heidelberg in Barcelona: German amb els ‘Germans’

EatCatalunya Contributor Mark Bradley recalls three decades of visits to Barcelona’s Alt Heidelberg Bar & Restaurant.

It’s not the sort of place that generates ‘TripAdvisor’-style adulation, nor is it among the foodies’ favourite feasting places …

Carxofes fregides (Oven fried artichokes) Carxofes fregides (Oven fried artichokes)

This simple way of roasting artichokes in the oven makes for a very flavorful small dish, to be served as a tapa or a side.
* 1 tbsp lemon juice or white wine vinegar
* 2 glove …

Xampinyons en salsa (Mushrooms in sauce) Xampinyons en salsa (Mushrooms in sauce)

Serve with crusty bread to take full advantage of the juices.
* 2 tbsp olive oil
* 1 small onion, chopped
* 1 garlic clove, chopped
* 1 tbsp tomato purée
* 1/4 cup amontillado sherry
* 1/4 cup water
* 2 …

Truita de patates (Potato omelette) Truita de patates (Potato omelette)

The classic tortilla stands on every tapas bar in Spain and Catalonia.
* 1 lb small waxy potatoes, peeled
* 1 onion
* 3 tbsp vegetable oil
* 4 large eggs
* salt and black pepper
* fresh flat leaf parsley …

Pinchos moruños (Pork kabobs) Pinchos moruños (Pork kabobs)

Not really a Catalan dish, this is a recipe of Arabic origin, and you can find this dish is most tapas bars in Barcelona and the rest of Spain.
* 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
* 1/2 tsp …

Patates bravas (Spicy potatoes) Patates bravas (Spicy potatoes)

This tapa is served all around Spain, and not originally from Catalunya. It’s one of the few spicy dishes you’ll find in Spain, getting its mild heat from chili and vinegar.
* 1 1/2 lb small …

Musclos amb all i julivert (Grilled mussels with garlic and parsley) Musclos amb all i julivert (Grilled mussels with garlic and parsley)

They are grilled with a deliciously fragant topping of Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley, which helps to prevent the mussels from becoming overcooked.
* 1 kb fresh mussels
* 3 tbsp water
* 1 tbsp melted butter
* 1 …

Langostinos al ajillo (Prawns with Garlic) Langostinos al ajillo (Prawns with Garlic)

A great tapa to have with cava.
* 2 lbs fresh large prawns
* 3/4 cup olive oil
* salt, black pepper
* 5 garlic cloves
* 2 Tbs finely chopped parsley
Cooking Time 15 Mins.
Serves 4
Vegetarian-friendly No
Preheat the oven to …

Croquetes de pollastre (Chicken croquettes) Croquetes de pollastre (Chicken croquettes)

This croquettes have a bechamel base, perfect for taking on flavors of the other ingredients. This is also a great way to use leftover chicken; simply skip the first steps.
* 2 tbsp butter
* 1/4 cup …

Crestes d´espinacs (Spinach empanadas) Crestes d´espinacs (Spinach empanadas)

The Moors brought the tradition of small pies to Spain, and “crestes” — known as empanadas in the rest of Spain — are a common snack in Catalunya.
* 1 cup raisins
* 1 1/2 tbsp olive …

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